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Westlock AccuTrak™ Rotary Position Monitors 1040 2004

echnical data Approvals: Enclosure standards (ANSI/NEMA 250 & IEC)

Models1040, 9358, 2004, 9044: Type 4, 4X
Model 1145: IP66 enclosure
Models 1040, 1145: V3 mechanical, SPDT
Model 2004: V3 mechanical, SPDT
DPDT (Form CC) mechanical
Model 9358: Magnum (hermetically sealed proximity type) switches
Model 9044: Magnum (hermetically sealed proximity type) switches
MagPAC bifurcated switch pack.
Models 1040, 9358: Engineered resin
Models 2004, 9044: Aluminum
Model 1145: ABS resin

Weatherproof rotary position monitors with the option of high-performance resin or powder-coated aluminum enclosures. Impervious to moisture, chemicals and solvents, they offer a range of switching options.

Features & Benefits:

Models 1040/9358/2004/9044

  • Touch set cams are hand adjustable, spring loaded and self-locking providing quick calibration of position sensors.
  • Terminal strips are pre-wired and numbered with generous working space for ease of use.
  • Strong durable Beacon™ offers 360° visual indication available in a choice of styles and colors.
  • Additional conduit for easy field wiring and mounting accessories as standard.
  • Standardized mounting pattern for easy adaptation to common bracketry.
  • NAMUR shaft output compliant to VDI/ VDE 3845 available.
  • Analog position transmitter option.
  • Engineered resin enclosure is robust yet lightweight; allows broad operating temperatures and provides exceptional chemical, UV and impact resistance.
  • Aluminum enclosures with ultra-low copper content (0.2% maximum) ensure robust performance in corrosive environments.

Model 1145

  • Dome shaped visual indicator provides clear feedback.
  • Centralization plate allows accurate switch setting, improves repeatability and minimizes hysteresis.
  • Quality mechanical switches roller arm; soldered and sheathed wires.
  • Quick release terminal strip aids wiring.
  • IP66 ABS enclosure provides high strength and corrosion resistance. .
  • IP rated plugs prevent ingress during site storage and transportation.
  • Extra conduit and terminal strip points entrance allows electrical integration of solenoid valves.
  • Namur VDI/VDE standard mounting arrangement with centralization ring for easy mounting (via an optional bracket) onto Namur actuators.

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