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Vent Tech Model SDG – Sewage Short Valve

Vent-Tech Model SDG sewer valve is essentially a shorter version of the zero pressure sealing Model SZG combination air/vacuum relief valve. In low pressure applications where clearance height is ample, specify the Model SZG valve, otherwise we recommend specifying the Model SDG.

Shortest Flat Float Valve Experience will Permit!

  • Low Pressure Sealing (1 PSI min)
  • Compact Design
  • Improved Self Flushing Design
  • Improved Air-Flow
  • Surge Protection
  • Enhanced Wear Resistance
  • Protect Pipeline From Collapse Due To Vacuum
  • Column Separation Protection
  • Durable, Reliable and Proven Design
  • Low Maintenance Construction - 316L SS
  • Efficient, Effective and High Value - Best in Class!
  • Patented Design Features

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