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UniTorq UTM Series Multi-turn Electric Actuator

The UTM series multi-turn electric actuator provides safe, reliable, proven performance for use in industrial valve applications. With torque offerings up to 405,000 ft-lbs of torque and thrust ratings up to 1.2 million lbs. Available in single phase 220v or three phase 230/460v power, the affordable UniTorq UTM series is an ideal solution for your valve automation needs.

UniTorq UTM Series Multi-turn Electric Actuator Standard Features:
  • Durable, compact, corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum housing
  • Manual operation through side mount handwheel with automatic declutch lever
  • High torque/low inertia motor with embedded thermostat, Class F insulation
  • Detachable thrust base, with copper alloy drive bushing
  • 4 limit switches for open and closed position indication
  • 2 torque switches for open and closed directions
  • Anti-condensation space heater - thermistor type
  • IP68 enclosure: submersible to 25' for 72 hours
  • Sealed worm gear case, EP lithium type grease lubricant (MIL-23827B)
  • Meets AWWA requirements for electric motors

 UniTorq UTM Series Multi-turn Electric Actuator Common Options:

  • Integral controls
  • Modulating controls
  • Explosion proof Class 1 / Group C&D / Div. 1 models available
  • Quarter-turn and bevel gear operators available
  • Communication protocols

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