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Limitorque SMB Actuator

The Flowserve Limitorque SMB electric actuator is designed for critical and severe service applications in nuclear and thermal power, water, oil & gas industries.

Limitorque SMB Series Standards: AWWA C542

Torque Rating Range: Output torque to 60,000 ft. lbs (81 349 Nm)
Thrust Rating Range: Output thrust to 500,000 lbs (2224 kN)

Limitorque SMB Features & Benefits:

  • Long service life with rugged with cast iron housing and precision-machined gearing
  • Extreme environment performance enabled by nuclear, weatherproof, submersible or explosion-proof construction
  • Lower maintenance and downtime owing to torque-limiting feature, which de-energizes the motor to prevent valve damage in the event of an obstruction
  • Fully qualified for nuclear applications to IEEE 384, 323 and 344

Limitorque SMB /SB series Installation Operation Maintenance Manual Download:


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