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Limitorque L120 Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

Limitorque's L120 Series multi-turn actuators have a solid record of making valve control easier in a wide variety of demanding applications.

Low maintenance requirements make the L120 series ideally suited for water and waste treatment applications.

Limitorque's L120 actuators are ideal for valves requiring rotary or linear movement.

With nine unit sizes, L120 electric actuators make it easy to meet or exceed your requirements for positive, dependable, valve actuation. Whether used with gate and globe valves, penstocks, or sluice gates, versatile L120 Series actuators operate without modification in any rising or non-rising stem application for linear-action valves.

When combined with a Limitorque's PT or HBC worm gear operators, L120 actuators can also be used to control butterfly, ball, and plug valves, as well as damper drives, flop gates, or any other device which requires rotary movement

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