Cash Valve B Series pressure regulators

Single seated, spring loaded, direct acting diaphragm-type pressure reducing and regulating valves for a broad range of services B series pressure reducing valves and regulators include models suitable for air, water, steam, oil and other liquids with versions also available for cryogenic liquids and gases. Type BBC is specifically designed for heavy oil and viscous fluid applications.

  • Reduce high inlet pressures to lower outlet pressures within close limits.
  • Ruggedly built for long service life without maintenance.
  • Simple design for easy maintenance and on-line repairs.
  • Broad materials choice to suit a variety of applications.
  • Self-supporting inbuilt strainer screen protects working parts and is cleaned easily.
  • Easy pressure adjustment via standard square head adjusting screw and hex locknut. T-handle and aluminum handwheel options available.
  • Optional construction for cryogenic service.
  • Pre-packaged repair kits available for selected models to simplify maintenance.
  • Every regulator supplied with pre-set delivery pressure.
  • Each valve assembled and tested prior to shipment.

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