2-24" Pressure Seal Bonnet Butt Weld Ends Cast Carbon, Stainless or Alloy Steel Materials Available in all trim configurations Other sizes available on request

900# Pressure Seal Swing Check Valves Design Features:

• Standard trim is stellite faced seat and disc seat surfaces, and 13% chrome carrier pin (API trim 5). Other trims available on request.

• 900# Pressure seal swing check valves are full port design per ASME B16.34 table A-1.

• Seat faces lapped for smooth finish and superior sealing.

• Wall thickness per heavy wall API 600 requirements.

• Swivel disc for improved seat alignment and longer life.

• Each pressure seal swing check valve is shell and seat pressure tested per industry standard API 598.

• Pressure seal swing check valves are suitable for service in horizontal line with cap vertical or in a vertical line with flow upward.

• Carrier Pin is confined within the body wall and is not accessible from the exterior, thus no side body penetrations, eliminating a common leak path.

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