Pressure Relief Valve – Vent Sizing and Selection Software

Crosby – Anderson Greenwood- Varec – Pressure Relief Valves

Pentair PRV2SIZE Pressure Relief Valve and Vent Sizing & Selection software is the latest innovation in pressure relief sizing software to meet demands for a simple and integrated approach for sizing all types of pressure relief devices, including low-pressure tank protection products as well as regulators, in a single sizing and selection platform.

It is the first program from Pentair Flow Control to offer integrated sizing, selection, and configuration of Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, and Varec brand pressure relief devices.

The Pentair PRV2SIZE software incorporates over 135 years of experience and engineering expertise for an extensive array of Anderson Greenwood, Crosby and Varec pressure relief devices and related products in one software package. With the Pentair PRV2SIZE software, customers and engineers can address numerous applications in a single sizing and selection platform without the need to use two or more sizing programs.

The Pentair PRV2SIZE software can be downloaded from the Pentair sizing website, requires free registration: 

Download Pentair Software

Features of the Pentair PRV2SIZE software:

  • Improved user interface
    • Sizing calculations can be saved at any point
    • Multiple tags can be opened at one time
    • Capability of sorting data using a variety of parameters
  • Fully configured product selection
  • Industry standard sizing methodologies
  • Drop-down boxes allow instantaneous change of sizing methodology from API to ASME and vice versa
  • Addition of 2:1 elliptical head tanks for fire sizing applications
  • Catalog integration from existing product literature PDF’s
  • Detailed product specifications including cross sectional drawings with dimensions and weights
    • U.S. Customary System and Metric units
  • Improved tools to export and import device tag numbers with the ability to mail files directly from the software program
    • Combination device, reaction force and noise level calculations
  • Addition of flow curves for pressure and vacuum relief valves
  • Individual capsule summaries of each product including an image of the selected product

Another unique feature of the Pentair PRV2SIZE software is its capability to provide sizing and selection for tank protection and tank blanketing products in a single software program. This includes pad and de-pad valves, regulators, pressure / vacuum vents and low-pressure pilot-operated relief valves.

Pentair Flow Control  is a leader in pressure relief device technology and as a single point provider, we offer the most extensive and comprehensive range of over pressure protection products in the industry. Pentair products are backed by sophisticated and industry recognized research and test facilities for steam, air and liquid.