Southern Valve Division

Control Valve Repair Charleston, SC
Southern Valve Headquarters



3316 Business Circle
Charleston, SC   29418

Phone: 843-552-8100
Fax: 843-552-8108

Directions to Southern Valve

The objective of Southern Valve is to operate and maintain its control valve repair procedures in such a manner as to provide maximum personnel safety, process integrity and vessel and equipment protection.

Valve Repair Services:

  • Control Valve Repair
  • Big Blow Valves Repair
  • Globe Valve Repair
  • Check Valve Repair
  • Regulator Valve Repair
  • Butterfly Valve Repair

    Calibrating Fisher Control Valve Positioner

Control Valve Shop Capability:


  • Control Valve Diagnostics and testing
  • Full CNC Machining Capabilities
  • Ball grinding available through 24”
  • Steam test to 1500 PSI
  • Hydro test to 6000 PSI
  • Machine to 8’ diameter
  • Machine to 15’ length

Control Valve Repair Process:

  • Photograph and tag valve with job number
  • Disassemble valve
  • Cleaning and/or glass bead blasting
  • Painting of valve components
  • Inspect internals for damage
  • Assemble valve with new parts, as required

    Capping Valve Repair Complete
  • Seat leak test to OEM specifications
  • Hydro test body to 1 ½ times valve rating
  • Mount actuator and bench set
  • Mount, test and calibrate positioner/transducer
  • Cover flanged areas
  • Prepare for shipment

Compliance is accomplished by strict adherence to:

ANSI/ISA 75.25.01-2000

ANSI/ISA 75.19.01-2001

ANSI/FCI 70-2-2006

OSHA 29CFR-1910