Singer Automatic Control Valve Training Seminar- Jacksonville, April 28-29


State of the art mobile water distribution system lab.

We Come To You

  • Receive hands-on training from product experts;
  • Learn how to set and adjust pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, and
    altitude valves.
  • Gain valuable troubleshooting knowledge using 100 psi of water pressure in a safe
    and controlled environment.

Water Loss & Pressure Management
Our mobile training lab allows you to see how control valves can solve common system issues of over/under pressurization,
excessive water leakage, inadequate storage tank turn over, cavitation, water hammer and surge.

Hands-on Training
Learn how to assemble, set, and troubleshoot pressure reducing and pressure sustaining valves. Upstream and downstream
pressure gauges allow for quick confirmation of successful pilot settings.

Advanced NRW Non-Revenue Water water loss reduction through pressure management demonstration show utilities the associated cost reduction of implementing a pressure management program.

Learn about level control with a One Way Flow Altitude Valve Model A106-Type 2 installed at the base of a 12′ high water
storage tank. Experience the precise level control from a properly installed and maintained control valve, tank turnover,
and ease of maintenance.

Control Valve Training – Seminar Agenda

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