Pulp Stock Line Valve Wanted – Zero leakage, dead end service, low maintenance

sam_1110A Flotech paper mill customer was planning the installation of a new pulp stock line for one of their tissue paper machines. Their requirements included a bi -directional, zero leakage valve for dead end service at 150 psi, ambient temperature. The stainless steel valve needed to be automated and setup for fast and simple maintenance to reduce any downtime.

The Keystone PCS17 knife gate valve and Flotech’s automation capabilities provided an excellent solution. The PCS17 sets a new standard for innovation and performance with a drop-in new generation perimeter cartridge seat that ensures zero leakage in either direction.  The seat is in-line replaceable providing cost-effective maintenance resulting in reduced downtime during tight maintenance windows and ultimately a lower total cost of ownership.

In addition to specifying the knife gate valve, Flotech automated the valve with an air cylinder actuator, a proximity switch, and solenoid in a water tight NEMA 4X enclosure. Flotech delivered the automated valves ahead of schedule. The customer was delighted with the solution and the focus on reducing maintenance time on these critical lines. >>> Learn more about the Keystone PCS17