Flotech to Distribute Cooper Accuseal Metal Seated Ball Valves

Flotech is partnering with Cooper Valve to stock and support the Cooper Accuseal Metal Seated Ball Valve. COOPER® Accuseal is the metal-seated ball valve line of COOPER® Valves. Accuseal joined the COOPER® brand in October of 2013.

Severe service metal seated ball valves have become a standard within the power industry where high temperature, high pressure shutoff is critical.

Why make COOPER® Accuseal your severe service metal-seated ball valve of choice?

Demands on power generation plants, refineries, chemical manufacturers, and mining operations are unprecedented.  In combined cycle plants virtually every unit is required to perform as a flexible generating plant, swinging in response to fluctuations in energy demand. Mechanical equipment, including valves, must meet the frequent challenges relating to cycling and thermal transience. Reliable, repeatable isolation has never been more critical.

There is a Difference!
Many claim to be the best. All have a ball,  seat and stem. But which valve most consistently provides isolation under the most challenging of conditions? You choose severe service valves with care because the consequences of failure are severe.
COOPER® Accuseal valves provide many advantages in power generation applications.
COOPER® Accuseal Advantages Deliver Predictable Reliability and PerformanceCOOPER Accuseal Fluid Dynamics Modeling
  • Optimized Ball Valve Design and Engineering Software 
    Proprietary software fast tracks optimal valve engineering.
  • Superior Valve Coatings 
    COOPER® Accuseal  state-of-the-art HP-HVOF (high pressure – high velocity oxygen fuel) coatings provide maximum protection for longer valve life.
  • Omni-Lap 360° TM
    COOPER® Accuseal’s proprietary mate-lapping process laps the entire spherical surface of the ball and seat surface, not just the sealing band areas.
  • Vacuum Seal Test
    COOPER® Accuseal tests the ball to seat seal prior to valve assembly, ensuring seal integrity.
Optimized ball valve design and engineering software
Extensive severe service ball valve engineering experience is combined with proprietary valve optimization CAD/CAM/CAE software that informs and fast-tracks optimized valve design. Service conditions are simulated, providing feedback with engineering analysis, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Beginning to end, the most current Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) software is used.  Advantages include:
  • Thermally stabilized seat geometry allows for rapid sealing recovery during high thermal transience
  • Optimized ball/seat sealing engagement
  • Line of sight bore for totally unobstructed media flow
  • Optimized ball/stem tang interface
Superior valve coatings
Not all HVOF coatings are equal. COOPER® Accuseal’s specified HVOF coating formulas are the most consistent and least porous available, matched to the ball/seat material. State of the art technology applies the coating at the highest velocity for greatest density coverage, superior bond strength and surface hardness. Ongoing research ensures the most reliable coating is matched to service conditions.
  • Superior coating performance under thermal stress and media bombardment
  • Longer valve life with smooth surface integrity
  • No place for leak paths to develop
  • Reduced torque values to operate the valve

*Highly engineered fused coatings for Class 4500 extreme applications are available.

Omni-Lap 360°™

Omni-Lap 360°™   
Proprietary mate-lapping produces the tightest, most reliable seal available.
All metal seated ball valves rely on continuous, unbroken contact between the metal ball and seat to create an isolating seal. Omni-Lap 360°™ mate-laps the entire ball and seat for optimal roundness, producing 100% ball to seat contact, regardless of positioning.
Traditional cup-lapping methods mate only the sealing band of the ball to seat surfaces creating ridges that distort the ball’s roundness and compromise the coating thickness.  The sealing “sweet spot” originates a leak path if even slightly misaligned resulting in reduced valve life, more maintenance and higher actuation costs.
Vacuum Seal Testing   
COOPER® Accuseal  vacuum testing of every ball and seat prior to assembly verifies 100% ball to seat seal to Class VI shut-off.
  • Seal reliability is ensured
  • Greater manufacturing efficiency means lower cost
  • Easier valve assembly — in the factory and in the field