Steam Trap Survey

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Costs of energy and steam have fluctuated significantly in recent years. When costs were low, economic analysis did not justify repair of steam leaks from gaskets, holes , valves or steam traps. Later, when steam costs escalated dramatically, economics favored the quick repair of these same leak sources. While steam costs vary from time to time, the need to survey for leaks and perform repairs never lessens.

Steam traps that are backing up condensate may be costing lost production. Lost production is lost money. The steam trap survey, locating both failed open and failed closed traps, can usually be justified on the basis of energy savings alone.

For a limited time period, our field technicians will come out to qualified plants, within our territories and perform a steam trap survey at no charge *.
Steam trap with defective gasket permits loss of live steam from the system.

We physically inspect a sample of your existing steam traps and with information you provide about the process, calculate and produce an Analysis and Savings Report. The report will outline problem traps, heat loss, steam loss and other problem areas that when corrected can lead to improved operational efficiency and measurable cost savings.

A steam trap survey will uncover significant problems with regard to the steam and condensate systems. This is especially true if your systems have not had any attention for a period of time. The benefits of a system survey and repair include improved production, improved condensate collection and energy savings.
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* limited time frame, limited number of participants, qualified plants within our territory, offer may be withdrawn at any time.
Steam Trap Survey

Yarway Steam Trapping Handbook