Happy Birthday Relief Valve Inventor – E.B. Kunkle December 14th !

Inventor safety valve E B Kunkle

Erastus Boise Kunkle, born on December 14th, 1836, learned the machine trade from his dad. Kunkle labored in a high pressure job before inventing the relief valve.

He worked in the locomotive shops for Pennsylvania Railroad where he invented a lock-up pop safety valve, designed to release steam pressure in locomotive engines. Boiler over pressure was a serious problem, yet relief valves were unheard of at the time.

Kunkle wanted to make his work site safer, protect his fellow man, and chase the American Dream.  He was a curious inventor and diligent problem solver.

E.B. patented the pop safety valve invention in 1875.

Which of the following was not developed by Kunkle ?

1. Saftey valve

2. Water gauge

3. Egg beater

4. Steam condenser


>>>>>   Answer– The steam condenser was not developed by Erastus B. Kunkle. In addition to a safer work environment, a lot of problem solving boiler solutions, we can thank E.B for the egg beater and subsequently the omelette.


Original  Kunkle Safety Valve Sketch

The Fort Wayne Safety Valve Works, operated by E.B. Kunkle & Company grew and a 100 years later a modified version of the original invention was still in production and the eggbeater was a standard kitchen tool .

After Erastus passed away, the the firm was purchased in 1917 and renamed the Kunkle Valve Company.

In 1947 Kunkle Valve acquired the valve division of the Star Brass Manufacturing . The navy used Kunkle relief valves on ships and later on nuclear submarines.Valve shipments were over 1,000 a day in the 1970s.

In 1991, Kunkle Industries became a division of Anderson, Greenwood & Company. Anderson Greenwood (AGCO) is a current leader in pressure management valve solutions and has a unique back story all it’s own in aviation design.

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